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How to Make Ghusl When Our Body Is Najis
Question1: If a part of the body is najis during ghusl, is it possible to use one wash to purify it as well as to perform ghusl simultaneously?
Answer: The whole body must be made pure before the beginning of a ghusl by immersion, but in a sequential ghusl, it suffices to make a najis part of the body pure before washing the same part as ghusl.
The Impurity of the Clothes of a Worshiper
Question2: If a worshiper realizes after the prayer that his clothes are najis, is his prayer invalid and should it be repeated?
Answer: If he understands after the prayer, his prayer is valid, but if he was aware of the impurity but forgot it and prayed with it, his prayer is void.
Rulings on the Occasion of Muharram Attending Gatherings with the Possibility of Being Infected with COVID-19
Question3: What is the ruling on attending the mourning ceremonies of the Master of Martyrs during the pandemic of COVID-19?
Answer: It is no problem provided that preventive measures and the relevant instructions are observed. Rather, it is one of the best acts and among highly insisted upon mustaḥabb acts.
Failure to Perform One's Nadhr due to COVID-19
Question4: A person has made a vow to feed the mourners during the first ten days of Muharram. But because of pandemic COVID19, he intends not to give nadhr food, does he have any duty?
Answer: In the given case, as long as it is possible to perform the nadhr in accordance with the rules and health recommendations, he cannot neglect the nadhr or change it, but if he has not recited the nadhr formula, he has no obligation.
The Duty of a Ma'mūm in the Prayer on a Deceased Body
Question5: Is it obligatory for a ma'mūm in the prayer on a deceased body to recite its supplications and takbīrs?
Answer: A person who follows an Imam in this prayer should recite the obligatory amount of takbīrs and supplications.
A Change in Fulfilling One's Nadhr
Question6: During the current pandemic of COVID-19, is it possible to calculate the price of nadhr food and donate it to the charity instead of giving food in accordance with one 's nadhr?
Answer: If one has not recited the nadhr formula correctly, there is no problem in changing it.
How to Spend the Remaining Property Collected for Mourning
Question7: People give money, food, etc. to be spent on the Ashura ceremony of Imam Hussein (as) but at the end some of them remains unspent. On which area should we spend it?
Answer: If they gave it as they had made shar'i nadhr to do so, it should be spent in accordance with the nadhr. Otherwise, with the permission of the donors, the remaining property can be used for good deeds or they can be kept for consumption in future mourning ceremonies.
Association of a Person Infected with COVID19
Question8: If a person has been infected with COVID-19 or developed some suspicious symptoms, is it permissible for him to associate with those who do not know about his condition?
Answer: If he thinks there is rational possibility to infect others, it should be avoided.
Praying on a Najis Carpet
Question9: Is it correct to pray on a najis carpet?
Answer: The place of prostration of the worshiper should be clean, but there is no problem and the prayer is valid if the place of worship is najis - except for the place where he puts his forehead on – provided that its impurity is not transferred to the body or clothes.


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