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The Leader attended the Joint graduation ceremony of the armed forces and Police academies

Without security and safety, Progress in no field is possible

This morning (Monday), in an important talk at the joint graduation ceremony of armed forces officer universities, Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Commander, referred to the recent events and emphasised: I say; frankly, these events are designed by America, the Zionist regime and their followers. Their main problem is a strong and independent Iran and the progress of the country.The Iranian nation appeared quite strong in these events and will bravely enter the field wherever necessary in the future.

At the beginning of entering, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution saluted the brave heroes of Islam and Iran's defence.

The Commander-in-Chief then inspected the units present.

The highlighted words said about the recent events in this ceremony by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution included: In these incidents, most of all, the law enforcement organisation of the country, the Basij and the people of Iran were wronged. Surely, the Iranian nation appeared completely strong in this incident as well as in other incidents, and it will be the same in the future.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised: In the future, wherever the enemies want to create a disturbance, Iran's brave and faithful people will take up the cudgel.

He called the nation of Iran, similar to his master Hazrat Amir al-Mominin Ali (a.s), an oppressed yet strong nation and added: In this incident, a young girl died, which broke our hearts, but the reaction to this incident which was without investigation and without presenting any definite issue, making the streets unsafe, burning the Quran, pulling hijab from the head of a veiled woman, setting fire to the mosque, Hosseiniyeh and people's cars was not a normal and natural reaction.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasised these riots were planned and said: If it were not the case of this young girl, they would have created another excuse to create insecurity and chaos in the country on the first day of Mehr this year.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised: frankly, these riots and insecurities were designed by America and the usurping and fake Zionist regime, and their stipendiary and some traitorous Iranians abroad helped them.

He added: Some people are sensitive to the fact that such and such incident was the design and work of the enemy, and they shield their chests to defend the American spy organisation and the Zionists, and they also use all kinds of fallacious analysis and rhetoric to say that it was not the work of foreigners.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out: There are many riots in the world, and in Europe, especially in France and Paris, there are riots once in a while, but has it ever happened that the President of the United States, the House of Representatives of the United States supported the rioters and made a statement? Is there a record of sending messages and saying we are with you? Is there a history of mass media affiliated with American capitalism and their mercenaries supporting rioters in these countries, like some regional governments, including the Saudis? And is there a history of the Americans announcing we will provide internet hardware or software to rioters so they can communicate easily?

Ayatollah Khamenei added: but such support has happened many times in Iran. So how is it that some people do not see the foreign hand, and how can an intelligent person not feel that there are other hands behind these events?

Emphasising that the American's expression of regret for the death of a girl is a lie, and contrary to appearances, they are happy because of an excuse to create chaos, he said: In the country, the officials of the three branches of power expressed regret and the judiciary has promised to follow the issue to the end to determine whether there is a culprit or not and who is the culprit? That's what investigation means. Now, how can an organisation and a big group of service givers be blamed for the possibility of an error? There is no logic behind this, and it is the work of nothing but spy agencies and foreign policymakers.

By posing the question, what is the motivation of foreign governments to create unrest and insecurity in the country? The Leader of the Islamic revolution added: They feel the country is progressing towards all aspects of power and cannot tolerate this.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed to the acceleration of the country's progress in all sectors and the efforts to open some old knots and activate the production sector and knowledge bases, and the country's ability to neutralise sanctions, emphasising: They do not want these developments to take place in the country, and to stop this movement, they have planned to close universities and make the streets unsafe, and involve officials in new issues in the northwest and southeast of the country.

Emphasising that the enemy is wrong in his calculations about the northwest and southeast of the country, he said: I have lived among the Baloch people, and they are intensely loyal to the Islamic Republic. The Kurdish people are also one of the most advanced Iranian ethnicities and are interested in their homeland, Islam and the Islamic Republic, so their plan will not work.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed out that the enemies' plans and actions show their innermost nature. The same enemy who says in diplomatic statements that we do not intend to invade Iran and change the system has such an inside and seeks to conspire to create confusion, destroy the country's security, and stimulate those who may be emotional by certain excitements.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised that the US is against the Islamic Republic but also against a strong and independent Iran. He added: They are looking for the Iran of the Pahlavi era, which obeyed their orders like a milking cow.

He said: Behind the scenes of the recent events are these bullies, and the quarrel is not over the death of a young girl or over wearing hijab or not wearing hijab. Many of those who do not wear full hijab are among the serious supporters of the Islamic Republic and participate in various events. The fight and debate are about independence and resistance and strengthening the legitimate power of Islamic Iran.

Further, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated a few points and added: These people who commit corruption and destruction in the streets are not the same. Some young people come to the road due to the emotional stimulations of watching an internet program. Such youth can be made aware of their wrongs by alerting them.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised:  overall, all those who came to the streets were very few compared to the people of Iran and the faithful and zealous youth. He said: Of course, some of these people who come to the streets are the survivors of the elements affected by the Islamic Republic, such as MKO (hypocrites), separatists, monarchists, and the families of the hated Savakis who are to be prosecuted by the judiciary in depending in their involvements in the destructions and the damage to the security.

Another point mentioned by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution was the stance of some figures at the beginning of this story.

Ayatollah Khamenei said: At first, some figures made announcements and statements without investigation and probably out of compassion. Some blamed the law enforcement agency, and some blamed the Islamic Republic. Now that they have seen what the matter is and what happened on the roads as a result of their words through the enemy's plan, they should make up for their work and explicitly declare that they are against what happened and the plan of the foreign enemy.

He added: When the American political activist makes similar these incidents to the Berlin Wall, you should understand the problem, and if you still have not perceived it, perceive it now and take a clear stance.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution also pointed to the making stance of some sports and artistic figures and noted: In my opinion, these stances are of no importance, and no sensitivity should be expressed towards them.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasised: Our artistic and sports communities are healthy, and the faithful and honourable elements are not a minority among them. The stance of a few individuals has no value.

He added: It is up to the judiciary to decide whether their viewpoints are criminal, but in general, the position of these people has no value, and the artistic and sports community will not be contaminated with these making the enemy happy positions.

At the end of this topic, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution honoured the memory of all the martyrs of the path of truth, the martyrs of the police and the armed forces, and the martyrs defending security, especially the recent martyrs.

In another part of his speech, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution called the arrival of several thousand enthusiastic young people with academic motivation to join the armed forces every year as remarkable strength and good news that carries the message of renewal and strength for the country and said: The presence of Iranian youth in various scientific, economic, political and military sectors of the country is encouraging.

Ayatollah Khamenei referred to the misleading propaganda of ill-wishers in showing a hopeless, irresponsible and detached image of Iranian youth and noted: the reality is the opposite of this propaganda, and the movement of our young generation is brilliant in all fields.

In this context, he referred to the role of youth in the defence of the homeland and the security of the country, helping the resistance front and the sacred movement to defend the shrine, community services, scientific advances, production and innovation, the presence of millions in religious rituals such as the vast Arba'een procession and the procession of those left behind, counteracting the pandemic, the faithful aid movements, cultural jihad and relief in natural disasters and added: These tireless and active young people in the middle of the field are never disappointed and detached from their values, and of course, the leaders of all these fields and movements have been faithful youth.

The Commander-in-Chief called the armed forces among the pillars of national strength and emphasised the need to strengthen this solidification factor and said: Strengthening the armed forces is of double importance for our Iran, which is facing bully enemies like the United States, and the military authorities must use new and up-to-date solutions, make all programs and tools and equipment brighter, strengthen scientific research and design complex hybrid warfare against the enemy's combined war to increase the defence power of the country.

He called the primary responsibility of the armed forces to protect national security as important as building the infrastructure of all aspects of life, including safety in personal matters and security on public issues. He added that progress in any field is impossible without security and safety.

Ayatollah Khamenei also added: there is insecurity in big countries and, worst of all, in America. We always see attacks on schools, stores and restaurants.

The Leader of the revolution called the armed forces the providers of the country's security and said: therefore, weakening the armed forces is weakening the country's security, and whoever attacks the police station or Basij base or taunts the National Military or the IRGC in his words, has attacked the security of the country.

In this regard, he added: the police forces are obliged to stand up to the criminal and ensure the safety of society, so weakening the police means strengthening the criminals, and if anyone attacks the police, it will leave people defenceless against criminals, thugs, thieves and extortionists.

Ayatollah Khamenei considered endogenous security a great privilege for the country and said: Our security is wholly internal and does not rely on others. This security is entirely different to the security others create from the outside and look at the country as a milking cow.

He called the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran a result of relying on the power of God and the support of our Awaited Imam (ATF) and the belief and resistance of the nation and the armed forces and added: He who relies on a foreigner will be left alone by the same foreign power. Because the foreign force neither wants nor can protect them.

In this ceremony, Major General Bagheri, the Chief General Staff of the Armed Forces, emphasised that the movements of those oblivious or stipendiaries of the west in creating insecurity will not cause any doubt in the proud movement of the proud nation of Iran on the right front. He said: the armed forces will play a role alongside the people in implementing the directive and active resistance strategy through integrity and unity.

The joint graduation ceremony of the armed forces, which was held this year at Imam Hasan (a.s) Officer and Police Training University, was received live and through video communication in 9 other universities of the armed forces, and the students of these universities listened to the words of the Commander-in-Chief.

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