The Office of the Supreme Leader

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution in a meeting with hundreds of school children:

The recent events were hybrid warfare, not just a street riot

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution this morning (Wednesday), on the eve of the third of November, the national day to fight global arrogance, called the third of November the embodiment of the evils of the United States and its vulnerability and the possibility of it being defeated, this morning in the passionate meeting with hundreds of students, and pointing to the brazen and shameless lies of the Americans in expressing sympathy for the Iranian nation, he said: In the hybrid warfare of the last few weeks, the United States, the Zionist regime, some insidious powers in Europe and some groups, used all their means to attack the Iranian nation, but the nation hit them back and left them defeated.

The leader of the revolution called the third of November a historical day and said: Americans and the Americophiles are angry and nervous about this important day and its sympathetic and unifying gatherings because this day is both the embodiment of America's evils and the embodiment and proof of America's vulnerability and the possibility of it being defeated.

In a review of the historical events of the third of November, he mentioned the revealing speech and exile of Imam Khomeini (r.a) on the third of November 1964. He added: The Imam did not tolerate the law "Immunity of several tens of thousands of Americans based in Iran from the judicial consequences of crimes", which was approved by order of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi in the parliament on that day, and because of this he was exiled.

Ayatollah Khamenei also pointed to the killing of a number of students in front of Tehran University on the third of November, 1978, and the students' attack on the American Embassy on the thirteenth of November, 1979, and said: In that raid, many documents were found about the betrayals, interferences and looting of Iran's resources by the American government in the tyrannical regime, as well as their various conspiracies against the Islamic Revolution, which despite the emphasis on including their themes in textbooks, unfortunately, this has not been implemented yet.

The leader of the revolution called the Americans' insistence on "starting a challenge between the people of Iran and the United States by attacking "the espionage den" a big lie and added: This challenge started on the nineteenth of August, 1953, when America, with the help of England, overthrew Mossadegh's national government with a shameful coup.

He called Dr Mossadegh an optimistic person who has confidence in America and said: He was neither a Hujjat-al-Islam, nor did he claim Islamism; his only crime was that he said Iran's oil should be in the hands of the Iranian people, not the British, but the Americans did not even tolerate this person because of their interests, and contrary to Mossadegh's expectation for American help, they stabbed him in the back and overthrew him by spending money and with the help of some traitors and thugs.

Ayatollah Khamenei called the words of American politicians these days about supporting the Iranian nation as the panicle of shamelessness and hypocrisy and addressed them with a question: Is there something against the Iranian nation that you had the ability to do in these four decades but did not do? If you haven't done something like a direct military war, either you couldn't, or you were afraid of Iranian youth.

In reviewing the crimes and conspiracies of the United States after the victory of the revolution, the leader of the revolution pointed to Washington's support for separatist groups in the beginning of the revolution, the coup of Nojeh Hamedan Airbase, the support of blind terrorism of the hypocrites that led to thousands of martyrs in all corners of the country, all-out support for the savage Saddam in the imposed war, The missile attack and downing of the Iranian passenger plane in the sky of the Persian Gulf and the martyrdom of about 300 people, shamelessness in honouring the general of the naval commander who shot down this passenger plane, the sanction of the Iranian nation since the first year of the victory of the revolution, applying the most severe sanctions in history in recent years and supporting chaos and sedition in Iran and said: In 2009, while Obama had previously written us a letter of friendship, the Americans openly declared their support for sedition so that they might be able to destroy the Islamic Republic in this way.

Ayatollah Khamenei listed the martyrdom of the general and national hero of Iran and the hero of the region, Qasem Soleimani, and taking pride in this crime among other conspiracies and filth of America and addressed them and said: You declared your support for the murderers of our nuclear scientists, the Zionists, and by holding billions of dollars of the Iranian nation's property in America and other countries, you have deprived the Iranian nation of using its assets to reduce its problems.

He added: "In most of the anti-Iranian incidents, your footprints are clear, then you tell lies with complete insolence and claim that we sympathise with the Iranian nation?" Of course, to spite of you, the Iranian nation has neutralised many of these enmities.

Ayatollah Khamenei said: Of course, we have never forgotten and will never forget some incidents, and we stand by what we said about Soleimani's martyrdom, and it will be acted upon in due time.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered today's America to be the same as yesterday's America, the America of the nineteenth of August, and the same America that supported Saddam and said: Of course, their methods of enmity are different from the past and have become more complicated, but we trust our young people and those involved, and we know that they can overcome these complicated methods, and we must be completely vigilant.

He considered another difference between yesterday's America and today's America to be the consensus of many political analysts in the world regarding the declining trend of America and added: The signs of this obvious decline can be seen in the unprecedented internal problems of the United States in the economic, social and moral fields, as well as the bloody internal divisions of the United States.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution listed another sign of America's decline as America's miscalculation in world affairs and said: An example of this miscalculation is the US attack on Afghanistan 20 years ago to eradicate the Taliban, which was accompanied by many crimes and killings, but after 20 years, due to a misunderstanding of the issues, they were forced to leave Afghanistan and surrender the country to the Taliban.

Ayatollah Khamenei called the attack on Iraq and the failure to achieve the desired goals another example of the Americans' calculation error and added: From the beginning, the Americans sought to appoint American people or their dependents, and the current situation in Iraq and the presence of Iraqi politicians at the head of the elections were never what they wanted, but they failed here as well.

He listed the failure of the United States in Syria and Lebanon, especially in the recent issue of determining gas lines, as other examples of failure due to calculation errors and noted: Another sign of America's decline is people voting for people like the current president and the previous president. During the last period, a president like Trump was elected, whom everyone considered crazy, and in the current period, a president elected whom everyone knows about his condition.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered these cases to be the cause of the decline of civilisation and emphasised that many western powers are similar to America in these aspects said: Can the moral degradation and vileness and crime be higher than this, that Westerners in their media teach destruction and disorder and teach how to make incendiary bottles and hand bombs?

Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the obvious role of America in the disturbances of the last few weeks in the country, added: The joint announcement of the Ministry of Intelligence and the IRGC Intelligence Organization about the riots contained important information and discoveries and shows that the enemy had planned and designed for Tehran and big and small cities.

He considered the presence of some teenagers and young people on the floor of the square to be the appearance and surface of the situation and noted: These are our children, and we have no argument with them because they have gotten involved due to excitement and emotions and some carelessness in matters. But the main leaders who came in with plans and plans are important.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution called the officials of various departments, especially the political and economic officials, and members of the people, especially the youth, to pay special attention and vigilance to the main leaders and their designs and plans and said: Of course, intelligence agencies pay attention to this issue and are alert. The plan is that they may be able to do something to make the opinion of the Iranian nation the same as the opinion of the British and American leaders and bring the nation along with them, but the Iranian nation really hit them back to spite them and will continue to hit them.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted: There were those who got involved with designs and plans and were connected with foreign organisations and committed crimes. This is a significant issue that must be given special attention.

He called the Shahcheragh incident and the killing of people and children a great crime and said: What sin did the schoolboys who were martyred in this incident commit? What sin did the boy who lost his parents and brother in this crime and suffered such great sadness commit? What sin did that young and pious Hezbollahi student, who was martyred under torture in Tehran and his body was left on the street, commit?

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added: Who are the people who commit these crimes, and where do they get their orders from? Of course, these are definitely not our children and young people; the perpetrators of these crimes must be identified, and whoever is proven to have participated in these crimes will be punished without a doubt.

Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the silence of human rights claimants regarding these crimes, noted: Why did these claimants not condemn the Shiraz incident, and why do they repeat a false case thousands of times on their platforms on the Internet, but ban the name "Arsham"? Are these claimants really in favour of human rights?

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution addressed the youth and said: Today's teenagers and young people, unlike the teenagers and young people of old, are a mature, wise and intelligent element, possessing thinking and analysis, and this had come about thanks to the Islamic revolution because, before the revolution, the youth were so busy with vain and lustful issues that it was not possible to pay attention to the main issues of the country.

He emphasised: This point means that the enemy is aware of the active mind of today's teenagers and young people and their ability to analyse and think and to counter it by producing and repeating a considerable amount of false content on virtual networks.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, referring to the abundant of false content, slander and deviant words prepared for the active minds of young people, said: It is for this reason that the emphasis has been placed several times on the Jihad of explanation, and before the enemy produces false and deviant content, true and correct content must be produced internally.

Ayatollah Khamenei added: I tell the media and communication officials to feel responsible in content production and Jihad of explanation (Reclaiming the Narrative) and plan for it, and understand why the enemy is sensitive to certain words and names and stops them.

The Leader of the Revolution called upon the youth to feel responsible for the massive and repeated bombardment of young Iranian minds with lies and said: feel responsible for this enemy's program and try to distinguish the truth from the lies.

He added: Take care and guide the people who are not enemies, but due to neglect or misunderstanding and hearing false information in the media, they agree with the enemy, without fighting, and by writing, sending messages, and arguing.

He considered the events of the last few weeks to be a "hybrid warfare" and not just street riots and noted: The enemy meaning the United States, the Zionist regime, some insidious and malicious European powers and some groups came to the field with all the facilities and by using information devices, media and the virtual space, and taking advantage of past experiences in Iran and some other countries, they tried to strike our nation.

Ayatollah Khamenei added: Of course, the nation really hit the ill-wishers in the mouth and left them defeated.

Referring to the signs of change in the world order and the process of a new order becoming dominant in the world, the leader of the revolution advised the youth to recognise the role and the position of Iran and Iranians in the new future world order and said: The dimensions of the new order and its nature are not precisely known, but its basic lines can be drawn.

He considered the first basic line of the new order to be the "isolation of America" ​​and added: Unlike in the past, when Americans considered themselves the only dominant power in the world, in the new order, America does not have an important position and is isolated and will have to take off its hands from different parts of the world.

In response to the students' chanting of death to America, he noted: Some people say, "don't say this slogan because it will arouse the enmity of the Americans", while the Americans started enmity with the Iranian nation on the nineteenth of August, 1953, while no one in Iran said death to America at that time, of course after that attack, the students said death to America on the seventh of December of the same year at Tehran University, and this slogan is a reminder of the seventh of December.

The second and third basic lines of the new world order that the leader of the revolution mentioned was "the transfer of political, economic, cultural and scientific power from the West to Asia" and "the expansion of logic and the front of resistance".

He called the Islamic Republic of Iran the initiator of the expansion of thought and the front of resistance against the tyranny of the dominating powers and said: The first person who said "Neither Eastern, nor Western" was our honourable Imam, and this spirit and strong words have become so popular today that many people in our region believe and act in the logic of resistance and draw conclusions from it, like the recent result and benefit that the Lebanese got with the blessing of Hezbollah in the case of gas lines.

Ayatollah Khamenei asked the question, "What is Iran doing, and where is it in the new world?" They called the youth to think about this question and prepare themselves for the new world and said: Iran, due to having outstanding characteristics such as "intelligent and talented human force", "diverse and abundant natural resources", "sensitive and privileged geographical location" and most importantly, the "high logic of governance and civilisation" can have a prominent place in the new order.

The leader of the revolution attributed the use of Iran's unique geographical advantage and becoming a very advanced and good transit passage to the expansion of railway lines and added: Despite the repeated emphasis in this field, there has been a shortcoming in different governments, except in the period after the death of the honourable Imam, when some work was done, of course, in this government, they intend to do some work.

He considered the substantial privilege of the Islamic Republic and its governmental and civilisational logic to be the combination of people's presence and votes with divine knowledge and said: This is not easy, but the Islamic Republic managed to do it. Of course, there are flaws that we are aware of, but this logic is new in the world.

Pointing out that the fruits of intelligence and talent of the youth of the 80s and 90s are in front of everyone's eyes, he said: In the future, everyone will see your blessings of the 2000s and those born in the 2010s.

Ayatollah Khamenei, in the final part of his speech in the passionate gathering of hundreds of students, said an important point: All officials and members of the public must be careful about the message that we send abroad with our every action and every word.

The leader of the revolution emphasised: the nation, the youth, and the officials of the country must convey their "power of resistance and determination to stand against the oppressors" to the whole world and especially to the enemies.

He added: "The official also have heavy duties in this field, and past failures should not be repeated, and various institutions, including the ministries of education, science, health, guidance, economic ministries, and the scientific vice president, should fulfil their duties seriously.

Ayatollah Khamenei added: We must ensure if anyone, wherever they are, is busy with work or responsibilities that they know their duties and fulfil them, then all problems will be solved and the country and the nation will reach their ultimate goal.

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