The Office of the Supreme Leader

The Leader met with the officials and ambassadors of the Islamic countries

Iran's Unwavering Support for Palestine at the Root of Iranophobia

This morning, on the occasion of Eid al-Mab'ath, Ayatollah Khamenei convened a meeting with government officials, representatives and ambassadors of Islamic countries, as well as guests and participants in international Qur'an competitions, in which they emphasised the importance of utilising the vast and inexhaustible treasures of the Bi'tha of the Last Prophet (pbuh), stressing that it can provide a solution to all problems and be a path to worldly and hereafter happiness for the Islamic Ummah, and added: If the Islamic countries were to adhere to the teachings of the Bi'tha faithfully, it is likely that the nefarious Zionist regime would not have been able to perpetrate their heinous crimes against the Palestinian people in full view of the entire Islamic Ummah. Nevertheless, the nation of Iran and the Islamic system remain committed to fulfilling their obligations in this regard.

Congratulating the nation of Iran and the Muslims of the world, and all the right-seekers of the world on this blessed Eid, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered Bi'tha to be the greatest and most precious gift and blessing of Allah to humanity, and in explaining the treasures of the Bi'tha of the Holy Prophet, he said: Monotheism and liberation from the servitude of other than Allah is the greatest treasure of Bi'tha, because every war, crime and evil throughout history has originated from the servitude of other than Allah.

The Leader of the revolution explained that "Tazkiya" (purification) is a medicine to liberate humans and human societies from any kind of corruption, "Taleem" (teaching) entails placing individual and social life under divine guidance and commands, and "Hikmah" (wisdom) involved managing human life with reason, wisdom, and understanding, which were among the treasures of the last Prophet's Bi'tha.

Ayatollah Khamenei, referring to the verses of the Holy Quran to articulate the blessings of Bi'tha, asserted that "perseverance" is the essential element for the attainment of any goal and objective and added: "establishment of justice" is one of the other rare gifts of Allah bestowed upon human beings in the graciousness of the Prophet's Bi'tha.

The Leader of the revolution said the noble verse "Severe against disbelievers, and merciful among themselves" and added: "Severe" means to be firm and impenetrable against enemies, which unfortunately not enough attention is given to, but of course, decent, authorised, regular and wise communication with other societies is good, but in the matter of infiltration, human and society are practically under alien control and management.

He considered love, purity, and intimacy among the members of the society as another valuable gift from the Last Prophet and added: Avoiding and withdrawing from the rebels of the world and getting rid of the darkness and chains of ignorance and bigotry and stagnation and inactivity are among the thousands of precious treasures of Islam and Bi'tha.

Ayatollah Khamenei considered not recognising the treasures of the Bi'tha as wasting them, and being satisfied with verbal honour rather than practical among the behaviours of human societies in front of this never-ending blessing and said: Division, backwardness and other numerous practical and scientific weaknesses are the results of such behaviour towards Bi'tha.

The Leader of the revolution proclaimed that the establishment of the greatest civilisation of human society in the 3rd and 4th Hijri centuries was the result of adhering to the teachings of the Qur'an, and added: Even today, if the unique capacity of the Prophet's Bi'tha and the Qur'an are utilised properly, the weaknesses of the Islamic world can be remedied, thus laying the foundation for prosperity and progress.

Ayatollah Khamenei considered the issue of Palestine as one of the most critical weaknesses and wounds of the Islamic Ummah and said: A nation and a country, which are in plain view of the Islamic world, have been subjected to relentless and daily oppression by an inhumane, malevolent and nefarious regime; yet, the Islamic countries, despite their wealth, capability and potential, remain in idle observation, and some of these countries, particularly lately, have even been lending support to this bloodthirsty regime.

The Leader of the revolution considered the weakening of such countries as one of the results of silence in the face of crimes and cooperation with the Zionists and added: It has come to a point where nations such as America and France have assumed the right to meddle in the affairs of the Islamic world, under the pretence of attempting to resolve the issues faced by Muslims, even though they themselves are struggling to fix their own problems and maintain order in their respective countries.

He emphasised: If the Islamic governments had listened to the words of well-wishers, including the great scholars of Najaf, and stood firmly against the usurping regime, the situation in the West Asian region would have been different today, and the Islamic Ummah would have been more united and stronger in many ways.

Pointing to the Islamic Republic's clear and open support of the oppressed Palestinians, the Leader of the Revolution said: The Islamic system is unwavering in its open support and defence of the Palestinian nation and will remain committed to assisting them in any way it can.

Referring to the enemies' focus on Iranophobia, he said: Unfortunately, the governments that are themselves obliged to help the Palestinian nation are conforming to the Iranophobia promoted by the enemies of Islam.

Ayatollah Khamenei has called the return to the teachings of the Bi'tha, unity and empathy among Muslim nations, and honest and not merely formal cooperation between Islamic governments as the keys to resolving all the difficulties of the Islamic Ummah and at the end of his speech, he expressed his regret and sorrow for the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which left many wounded and injured, and added: The importance of political issues such as Palestine, and America's interference should always remain at the forefront of the Islamic Ummah's attention.

At the beginning of this meeting, the President, in his speech stating that the philosophy of Bi'tha is human advancement and Quranic community advancement, said: After the Islamic revolution, our nation has faced a variety of conspiracies by enemies such as Early Islam, in the form of military, economic, political and propaganda wars, but the people of Iran have been able to thwart all of these hostile acts through their exemplary perseverance.

Mr Raisi acknowledged the grandeur of the 22nd of Bahman march, and he expressed that it placed a double responsibility on all those who are responsible for the country's affairs, and emphasised: With people's participation, no problem is unsolvable, and we say to the leadership and dear people of our country that we will control the current inflation situation without a doubt.

The President also pointed to the wrong calculations of the enemies about the Iranian nation, including in the events of last fall, and stated: Until recently, the Westerners claimed to follow the agreement, but when they were confronted with the demands of the Iranian people, they abandoned the negotiation table and resorted to chaos, proclaiming that they would continue their efforts in the streets. In contrast, the Islamic Republic of Iran will strive to uphold the nation's interests with its dignified and constructive presence in international forums.

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